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We are all humans, it is not hard to miss things here and there. But not to worry, we are ready to support you any stage you need help with.

Project management

Biggest thing you can invest in for you project is proper project management. With us you will get a custom project management model that suits you and your project the best.


We focus on value from day one. Every penny you spend will be used to give you the value you want. Using iterative agile methodologies you are at the center of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

A very difficult question to answer without knowing the project. But to give a quick idea, a simple website ‘s development could be wrapped in less than $1000 and a decent software development could be completed around $10,000.

This depends on size of the project. When we provide you with a quote we will give you a accurate estimation of how long it might take for the project to complete depending on the resources we can allocate to your project when you want to start the project.

“It was truly a unique experience working with Ngen. Since we knew little about what we wanted they helped us at many things we hadn't considered were important. At the end the product turned out great.”
Sara Bolton