A complete Tech Agency

Everything you need to bring your next big idea to reality, all the way from planning, designing, developing to deployment and operation.

  • A complete Tech Agency

    Everything you need to bring your next big idea to reality, all the way from planning, designing, and developing to deployment and operation.

  • A complete Tech Agency

    Everything you need to bring your next big idea to reality, all the way from planning, designing, and developing to deployment and operation.


World-class Designs


Feature-rich & value-driven development


Tailored marketing campaign

Plus a wide range of services that is required to bring your idea to life. 


A good design is quintessential for any piece of work. It will appeal to your target audience intuitively and give them value with great efficiency.


We understand that you want your users to find what they want quickly, and easily and keep them immersed. We create captivating visuals by balancing the look, feel, and user-friendliness that delivers a great user experience. This helps achieve your goals which may be either converting leads, making sales or driving traffic.

Graphics Design

We work with you to produce high-quality designs as per your requirement: Logos, banners, printables, illustrations, etc. You will be able to speak to your target audience through empowering visual designs.

System design

A correct system design can either make or break a system before you even type a single line of code. We do not compromise this at all. We will rather reject the project than build a system we won't be proud of.

Database design

Data is the most important thing in any Information System. In order for such applications to be maintainable, extendable and scalable we will design the database that suits your current and future needs.

Are you convinced yet?


We have a team of highly skilled developers who will understand your business needs and develop what you need incorporating the latest technologies. We will tailor a development process just for you and guide you through it to ensure that you get what you want on time and within budget.

Apps & Software

We are experts in cross-platform development (Tablet, Desktop, Mobile, Wearables, Terminals, etc). Let us help you bring your app and software ideas into reality. We develop Online web applications, Progressive web applications (PWAs), Native mobile applications, and Desktop applications.

Infrastructure & DevOps

Serverless or self-managed, you need reliable infrastructure to run your application or website.

WordPress Development

Our team is well experienced in this CMS. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems out there. Their easy-to-use interface, flexibility, adaptability, and powerful SEO features make them an easy choice for most.

Web Design & Development

Having a correct online presence is key in today's age. The right website whether it is a single-page website, a blog, or an e-commerce portal, is at the core of everything. It is where you call to action, where your audience comes to get the value from whether that's via a tweet, a video, or an ad's landing. Using Agile methodologies we create websites that give the biggest bang for the buck.


Did you know the number of online buyers worldwide is in billions now? Imagine how much extra sales you can generate with this staggering reach. We can help you build a perfect e-commerce solution that will take your sales to the next level. Our expertise is in WordPress and Woo-Commerce.

Drive the value

Being a passionate customer who cares about your product, it's obvious wanting to direct how the work should be done. No disrespect but it hardly works. So, it's best if we drive the project and you do what we call "Driving the value". Imagine being the co-pilot of a rally car versus being a passenger in a taxi. Instead of telling us when to turn, how much to turn, etc, tell us your stops and destination and let us drive you there.

Promote & Sales

Time to cash in and get that sweet ROI you were after.

Digital Marketing

We put your business in front of the right people at the right time with the right message. We understand how digital marketing has proven to be an inseparable part of the business than ever before. Branding, Ad campaign, SEO, SEM and SMM all are integral to your success.


We are sure that your product will speak for itself. But a little boost is better. Everything you do and show needs to sell the product. So, we will help you identify key markets and attract your dream clients giving you maximum return on your investment.


At any stage of the project, if you need help, we will provide it.

Project Management

This helps in every stage of the project. When things start rolling many things can change: Requirements, cost, features, timeline, complexity, feasibility etc. Investing in project management will ensure that the project will be a success in the end.

Business analysis

Do you want software or a website but don't know where and how to start? You start here, by analysing your business. Our business experts will provide the required support when needed.

IT Consultancy

Our advisors assess your existing software system and how it is used by the users and identify if there are any problems in the workflow and automation. We will then create a strategy to help your business leverage the latest technologies and get the best value from your IT investment.

Word class team member

Do you need the right person for the job but don't have one for one reason or the other? We will give that right person to you to work with you as your own employee.

Various consultation

We understand the struggle of knowing everything. It's hard to do. Allow us to help. As an industry expert, we can provide you consultation on: Business planning, System design and planning, Business Strategy, Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, and the list goes on.

"Somewhere between the latest trends and best practices, lies a point that is almost perfect for every project.

At nGen Technology, we try our best to find it and so far it has worked out quite well for our customers and us."
Nabin Nepal